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Most programmers are familiar with moving data by hitting Ctrl-C (or Command-C) to copy to the clipboard, then changing applications and pressing Ctrl-V to paste. But what if you wanted to share a clipboard between two different computers on a network? Sure, you could paste to a file, save the file in a central location, open the file on the other machine, and then highlight the data again and Copy and Paste... or you could just use CrossClip™.

CrossClip runs transparently in the background (on each computer) and performs both sending and receiving functions as necessary, which means the data can be sent in either direction between computers. Sending can be set up to be triggered automatically, or manually via mouse-click from the CrossClip menu (for those times when you don’t want every Ctrl-C to be broadcast to all the computers within the network group).

There's no fancy compiling necessary, just use the effortless installer. Oh, and did we mention that this works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux... or even between them on the same network? Cross-platform clipboards, now that’s exciting!

Still not convinced? See CrossClip in action on our Screenshots page or download a demo and try it yourself!


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