macOS Toolbar for Xojo

A Xojo class wrapper and framework bridge for using native macOS Toolbars including support for controls embedded in the toolbar, native search on macOS 11+ and the ability for users to edit the toolbar themselves.

*In demo mode, enabling and disabling items at runtime is disabled.

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User Customization

Users can right-click on the toolbar and customize the which items and in what order they appear.

Leading-locked Navigation Items

Lock items to the leading edge of the toolbar just like the back and forward buttons in Safari.

Grouped Controls

For times when you have two or more buttons which need to be grouped under a single label.

Embedded Controls

When none of the built-in toolbar items fit your needs, you can embed a ContainerControl or DesktopContainer instead of using an icon.

Built-In Search

On macOS 11 and higher, there's a built-in search button that expands to allow the user to type a query.

Four Toolbar Styles

Expanded, Preferences, Unified & Unified Compact.

No Declares Required

Everything included as Xojo classes. No declares required for full functionality. No control repositioning required.

Customizable overflow menu

For times when a simple menuitem doesn't do what you need, you can override the items created in the overflow menu to better reflect your intentions.