Welcome to YAXEW

Yet Another Xojo Extensions Website

Yeah, yeah, we know.

Just what you need. Another place to get extensions for developing apps with Xojo.

These things are not free. (Free things are available below)

Recently I've been doing bigger extensions than the stuff I used to do for free. Each of these items has taken weeks or months to write and test, and are available for purchase on Xojo's store under Extras. The Xojo portions of these items are encrypted unless otherwise stated.

SOS macOS Toolbar

A completely native macOS toolbar with support for custom containers, menus, searchbars and user customization, all wrapped up in a set of Xojo classes and a tiny framework.
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SOS Multipeer Connectivity

Easy connections and data/file transfers for up to 7 other nearby devices over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet for your iOS and macOS projects.
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SOS WeatherKit

An iOS framework and set of Xojo classes which make it easy to access Apple's WeatherKit framework directly within your Xojo iOS projects. Requires iOS 16+.
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More Coming Soon!

Some entirely new products which are not quite finished but will be awesome when they are.

These things are free.

Everyone loves free stuff.

Over the years, there were several projects (Xojo and non-Xojo) which I did for the pure joy of writing and sharing that code. You'll find those types of things here.


Profile Triage

A tool for diagnostics on your Apple developer profiles and certificates.



An example of creating an iCal calendar from a Xojo Web app.

Xojo ConstraintKit

A library that fully exposes NSLayoutConstraints for Xojo iOS and macOS projects.

MapKitJS Web2 Control

A control for showing a MapKit JS map within your app, with the ability to add customized pins.


A class for getting all kinds of info from your macOS app process.


A native macOS Save & Open dialog for Xojo with lots of options.


A class for accessing iCloud folders on both macOS and iOS.


A class for parsing command-line options, interfacing with SystemD and handling signals in a xojo console app.


XojoScript subclass with human readable compile errors and warnings.