Multipeer Connectivity for Xojo

A Xojo class wrapper and framework bridge for using Multipeer Connectivity in your Xojo iOS and macOS projects. This class allows for easy text and file transfers between devices using existing Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks.

*In demo mode, text data sends are limited to 10 per app launch and file transfers are disabled.

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Automatic Network Selection

Devices pick the fastest and most reliable network automatically. iOS uses Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi. macOS uses Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet. Dropped connections are a thing of the past because the framework will seamlessly transfer to another connection without missing a beat.

Manual or Auto Connection

Allow users to choose their nearby peers using the iOS/macOS built-in UI, create your own or connect nearby devices automatically in the background, it's up to you!

Built-in User Experience

If all you're trying to do is connect some devices together, macOS and iOS provide a built-in user experience for selecting and inviting peers to a group.

Built-in data and file transfers

Once connected, sending data to one or more peers takes a single line of code. Choose between reliable (TCP) and unreliable (UDP) depending on the needs of your app.